In Loving Memory of Rocky Stinehour


It is with great sadness that we share with you the news of the passing of Roderick Stinehour, printer, designer and founder of The Stinehour Press. The pages on this website honor his work, and will continue to do so, showing the work he loved and to which he dedicated his life. That work becomes more marvellous as time passes, and it is our hope to bring further to light Rocky's contributions to the world of printing and humanism. 
Rocky carried out his endeavors with an extraordinarily dedicated and talented group of people, and among his closest allies were his wife of sixty-eight years, Elizabeth, and his family. His responsibilities seem enormous in retrospect, yet he built so naturally the environment he required to thrive: a strong relationship with his family; his life in the country, in Lunenburg, Vermont; commitments to his employees and the community; and the enduring friendships which led to so many fruitful collaborations. He was a friend and mentor to so many, and perhaps to many of you who visit these pages. We invite you to write in the Comments section below about how you met Rocky, or to share a fond remembrance of him. Please let us know if there are any topics you might wish to see explored or presented here. Thank you very much for visiting. Our hearts are sad, but carry always the remembrance of this beautiful and loving human being. We shall carry this into the work we do and the lives we make.