The House of 70,000 Books

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The House of 70,000 Books


Fascicle No. 5: The House of 70,000 Books
Photographs and text by Roderick Stinehour

Archival pigment ink print on Hahnemühle paper
4 1/4 x 37 inches, accordion foldout

Special order for James Fergusson of ten copies to be shipped to
JAMES FERGUSSON Books & Manuscripts
39 Melrose Gardens, London W6 7RN

Documenting the home of artist Ann Arnold and the scholar Ian Jackson, The House of 70,000 Books is a lovely tribute to friendship, family, and the beauty of life with books. 

Roderick Stinehour completed five of these accordion foldouts as story books of his intimate world. They were inspired by the gift of a digital camera from his son, Stephen, and made use of the satisfying printing obtained via the fine art Epson inkjet printers at Stinehour Editions. An archive of material related to Roderick Stinehour and the Stinehour Press
can be viewed here.


Ian Jackson (1951 - 2018) was one of the very few erudite humorists and a celebrant of the Valentine who brought to all of his works the expression of a brilliant intellect, formidable scholarship and delightful anecdote. He published a volume of Valentines with Footnotes, accounts of the distinctive language of the romance philologist Yakov Malkiel (Teach Yourself Malkielese, 2006) and the physicist John David Jackson (Mathein Pathein, 2016), and numerous articles and obituaries in Belfagor, Conférence, Taxon, Petits Propos Culinaires, The Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America, and The Book Collector. His pioneering account of The Price-Codes of the Book-Trade (2010) was published in a revised and enlarged edition in 2017. He lived for over thirty years in the Berkeley, California, home depicted in The House of 70,000 Books. Visit the author's website.

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