Stephen Harvard

Calligrapher, stonecutter, illustrator, book and type designer, Stephen Harvard’s art and craftsmanship are remembered here through selections of his work.



Initials carved into stone by Stephen Harvard.  Black slate, 6 x 7.375 inches.
Made for Edward Connery Latham who presented it as a gift to his wife, Elizabeth French Lathem.


Alphabets of Grace
A Calendar of Letterforms and Type Designs


From the Colophon:

Alphabets of Grace has been set in type and printed by letterpress at the Meriden-Stinehour Press in Lunenburg, Vermont.
The paper is a unique letterpress version of Curtis Tweedweave, produced in a custom mill run for this project. Each month is represented by a different typeface or letterform, and these are identified within the specimens themselves in nine point Monotype Bembo. René Arsenault and John Stinehour were compositors, and Paul Hoffmann the production supervisor. The pressmen were John McCormack and Ken Brisson.

Stephen Harvard is the designer, calligrapher, and author of the descriptive texts. Mr. Harvard, a Director of Meriden-Stinehour Press, is an award-winning book designer and lettering artist. He is author of Ornamental Initials, a catalogue raisonné of the woodcut decorative alphabets of the renaissance printer Christopher Plantin (Godine, 1974) and An Italic Copybook:  The Cataneo Manuscript (Harvard University, 1981). He lives with his wife and two daughters in an old farmhouse in New Hampshire's North Country.

Published by Cahill & Company, 1985


Announcement, 8.5 x 11 inches, lettering and design by Stephen Harvard, for an illustrated talk he gave to the Society of Printers on April 6, 1988, four months before his death. His first illustrated talk to the Society of Printers was given on April 2, 1980, titled Living by Letters.


Quote by Stephen Harvard, designed and printed by Roderick Stinehour and Dean Bornstein on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the Printing History Association in 1994.


Announcement for a talk by Lance Hidy given at The Stinehour Press January 20, 1977.
Calligraphy by Stephen Harvard.
View the whole announcement here.


In loving memory of Stephen Harvard, 1948 - 1988


A collection of his papers is housed at Dartmouth College