Hæc olim meminisse juvabit

The Compass Rose of the Stinehour Press

The mark of The Stinehour Press

The source is the compass rose in John Foster's woodcut map of New England which appeared in the 1677 Boston edition of Hubbard's Narrative. According to the map's title it is "the first that ever was cut here," a claim accepted by Richard Holman, whose detailed account of the known states of the map was published by the Stinehour Press in 1960. The version of the compass now in use is turned 45° from its original orientation, to indicate the Press's location in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom.  -- from The Stinehour Press, Work of the First Fifty Years

Hæc olim meminisse juvabit

The lines, from Virgil's Aeneid, became the motto of the Press:  In time to come you will enjoy recalling these things

The entries contained within these pages aim to offer a visual history of some of the endeavors of Roderick Stinehour, The Stinehour Press, Meriden Gravure Company, and the gifted workers who accompanied them in typography, calligraphy, book design, binding, and friendship. Please feel free to comment and share the posts and photographs. We hope to continue adding to these entries as material surfaces and time permits.

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