Kevin Bubriski

Hindu and Buddhist Holy Sites in the Sacred Valley of Nepal

Drum scanning of the artist's 4 x 5 inch transparencies and printing large scale pigment ink prints from these digital files.

All images copyright Kevin Bubriski. Visit the artist's website:

Digital Capture, Scanning, Drum Scanning Negatives and Transparencies, Fine Art Inkjet Printing, Exhibition Printing

Robert Gardner

All images copyright Estate of Robert Gardner. Visit the artist's website:

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Ken Kimball

Double Vision Portraits

Photography of the artist's acrylic paintings for archival storage and future publication.

All images copyright Ken Kimball. Visit the artist's website here 

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New England Ski Museum Posters


Stinehour Editions has been collaborating with the New England Ski Museum on the reproduction of vintage ski posters in their collection. After photographing the original poster in our studio, we digitally restoring the images, retouching the file as needed to remove any folds or tears, adjusting faded colors, and then reproduce the image as an archival pigment ink print at various sizes.


Visit the website of the New England Ski Museum here

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Aldren A. Watson

Waterfront  New York
Images of the 1920s and '30s

Scanning and proofing of Aldren A.Watson's watercolors were carried out by Stinehour Editons in preparation for the Quantuck Lane Press publication, Waterfront New York: Images of the 1920s and '30's, written and illustrated by the artist.

All images from Waterfront New York, copyright Clyde Watson.