An integral part of our work is the reproduction of images.
It begins with a digital capture of the original work. We are experienced in handling fragile and rare materials and utmost care is taken in all steps of the process. We provide flatbed scanning for artwork and documents, and photographic capture for larger and three-dimensional works. Once the raw files are produced, we can apply retouching, color correction and other adjustments to further refine the image and prepare it for its intended application. Whether the images are destined for a print or digital publication, pigment ink prints, or digital archiving, our work assures that the original is rendered sensitively and faithfully. 

Photograph by Verne Morton, from Great Possibilities: 150 Verne Morton Photographs, published by Six Mile Creek Press. 

Quadtone separations prepared by John Stinehour at Stinehour Editions. Printed by PuritanCapital. A selection of Verne Morton's photographs can be seen here.


Verne Morton,  Mrs. D. Maclean, Groton, 1912

Verne Morton, Mrs. D. Maclean, Groton, 1912

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