Maurice Sendak, The Chertoff Mural, 1961      Archival pigment ink print   44 x 140 inches

Facsimile of Sendak's only mural, now housed at the Rosenbach Museum. The print was realized from a digital composition from five sections of the mural following its restoration. Photographed by Douglas A. Lockard, and reproduced at the same size as the original. 
Learn more about the mural here, and here.

Maurice Sendak, The Chertoff Mural, 1961   44 x 140 inches



Archival Pigment Ink Prints

Working from digital files of paintings, drawings, photographs and documents, we produce archival pigment ink prints in our studio which combine our dedication to the reproduction of images with the finest quality in digital printmaking. Drawing from many years of experience working closely with artists and institutions, we print single images and editions for portfolios, exhibitions, bespoke books and facsimile reproductions, realizing prints up to 44 inches wide on a variety of surfaces. Shown below are some examples of our digital printmaking projects. Please click on the images to obtain details.


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Swell Rule

Paintings and Graphic Works

limited editions books printed by inkjet, artists books, accordion books, double sided inkjet printing


Looking Out the Windows

Photographs and text by R.D. Stinehour

First in a series of fascicles by
Roderick Stinehour, an accordion foldout printed by inkjet. 
Designed by Roderick and Stephen Stinehour.

This book is available in the Shop. To view more material related to
Rocky Stinehour and the The Stinehour Press, please visit our Archive.



Salutation to the Dawn

Photographs and text by Barbara Goodbody

Designed by Stephen Stinehour,
printed and bound by Alison Kuller.